So about me… Hmmmm… Introductions are hard hahahha.

Welcome to Jora Frantzis. My name is Jora) and this makeup and beauty blog has been a dream that has plagued my mind for years. I am currently Graduate Student pursuing my passion for all things Beauty! Beauty Hacks, Skin Care Tips, Makeup Product Reviews; my love for Beauty knows no bounds! “Jora Frantzis” is the best beauty blog. Together, lets breakdown every aspect of the Beauty world and make it all about just that.

I’m turning 32 this year but I’ve finally graduated from my degree and straight into the working world! I like many various things that vary a lot such as Makeup, Skincare, foreign Language/ Culture, Stationery, Art, Animals ( I have a few family dogs, betta fishes and a hamster!) and even Anime. I’m sure there is more hmmmm, well… you’ll see as I post I guess!