hydrating face cream

What do you know about serum vs cream?

It can be difficult to distinguish between sleeping masks, toners, facial serums, facial creams, scissors, essences… the list goes on. But serum vs creamare two most basic and important products in your face treatment.

What are the main distinctions between a skin serum and a hydrating face cream?

Serum have a lighter feel than creams and easily penetrate into the skin. After removing your makeup and preparing your skin, we recommend using a serum for the face. Facial serums should never be used alone a skincare product should be followed. Using a cream to add moisture and warmth to your skin afterwards.

What makes the base better—difference between serum and cream?

One should never apply a base without face serum or cream because you are at risk of drying the skin. There is no perfect routine, or an ideal texture for your skin’s products. When selecting the texture of your cream, think about what results you want from your make-up: if you want a lasting make-up, then choose light textures that are moisturizing and will not make you shine. You want something a little richer every day which will relax your skin.

The biggest difference between a cream and a serum is that a serum is thinner and lighter than a cream and can be absorbed faster and quicker by the skin. Serums are a perfect medium for transport to bring your active ingredients into the skin for optimum gain. This is because serums produces more occlusive ingredients that lock moisture, such as petroleum products and oils, which are found in the creams that give the product its «creamy» qualities.

When do you need to use serums?

As part of your morning and evening skincare routine, the easier time to add a serum twice a day. That means you put it in the morning before your makeup and take it off the evening until you have potentially put something like a toner on your face. Of course, you can always refer to clean skin only.

There are some very important things about your skin care routine to remember when it comes to using serums and creams. Second, you can never use serums or creams after your make-up, because skin benefits are marginal. Second, don’t use serums after using cream. This can limit your absorption of the serum because the cream is occlusive. Apply serum always before any other products.