What are the key reasons of using hydrolates?

The water distilled with essential oils is a hydrosol. As the steam moves through the plant material from the purified water, it takes the volatile oils from the plant. The two pass through the pipe on the top (typically copper) of the steam vessel and through the condensation tube. If you have separated water and oil, the essential oil is syphoned off from the top and hydrosol is left.

The idea of steam distillation may seem to be something we would only have learned closer to the present day. But the fact is that it is hundreds of years after the practice of making these immensely effective medicines. This was partly due to the invention of an Avicenna physicist. The hydrosols and essential oils of Avicenna’s steam distillation principle have been one of the earliest medicinal items in history. But let’s first understand aboutkey reasons of using hydrolates.

Support to remain in a great, happy mood

After a long hectic day, organic hydrosols help to provide warmth and calm. They can also help to elevate and relax the senses in times of sadness. Spray directly on your skin, clothes, pillows or linens to help freshen up the fragrance. In the warm bath you can also apply 1⁄4 to 1/2 cup of hydrosol for relaxation.

Enable you to sleep well

Try Organic Hydrosol for a calming environment that encourages a good night’s rest. Until bedtime, you should mix it in linen, furniture and pillows to help calm and relax. These hydrosols are also good for babies and young children, helping to encourage relaxation and to ease their sleep.

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Using Hydrosols for babies and kids safely

Hydrosol is perfect for helping even the fussiest babies to sleep and relax. The Lavender Hydrosol can be sprayed on the baby directly or the bed of the baby can be sprayed before bedtime.

Chamomile hydrosol provides a gentle and relaxing comfort that normally goes hand in hand with the teeth. Soak in our chamomile hydrosols a clean, wet washcloth and rub it gently onto the gums or the outside jawls.

Maintain your skin safe

Winter skin, even though it’s snowing outside, can also be dry and itchy. Organic hydrosols offer rapid relief to help soothe dry, itchy skin and keep it smooth and happy. Sprinkle the area in question and let the air dry.

Dry winter skin can also cause excessive oil glands – and acne. If you have skin susceptible to blemishes and breakdowns, keep Organic Hydrosols safe and happy. They all congratulate you incredibly on your current skincare routine.