Tips to store a fresh cream after opening

Your bathroom is the location where most of your skin care items are maintained. Unfortunately, for a number of reasons this is not the best location to hold them. Think of all that’s going on in your bathroom: it’s a bacterial shock. The shower steam makes it worse, making your bathroom anretreat for this bacterium to multiply and expand.

Heat can also affect the appearance, feeling, smell and quality of products. Sunlight and Warm temperatures can break up, oxidize, curdle or melt certain ingredients. The justification for skin care to be packed full of preservatives is to ensure shelf life lasts for more than one week.

face cream

What else tips to store a face cream after opening?

No substance in direct sunlight should be processed. And having them in cool dry areas is often safer. Not only that, but you also probably don’t want all of your goods to have excessive heat or cold (not all refrigerators are equal). You definitely don’t want to put your goods in a freezer, and they shouldn’t be sitting in the middle of winter right next to your fireplace. This will break down active ingredients. In case of doubt, most products are checked by aesthetic manufacturers according to special World Health Organization climate regulations, and so products purchased locally can last at room temperatures sufficiently well.

If you store items in the refrigerator, make sure they are properly sealed and if possible, keep them from food. The last thing you want is the fridge scent of your goods. You would also like to ensure that your goods are secured from excess moisture. If you don’t go out and just buy a cosmetic refrigerator for your skin (cosmetic refrigerators are better at temperature-regulating because they are small and they do not have any food), consider storing your skin care in sealed plastic bags.

Heat increases, so if you insist that your skin care is preserved in the kitchen, low drawer or under the sink (if dry), it’s safer than in the top shelf of your cabinet where more heat is coming up.

The Lower Line

We don’t want to go out and buy a cosmetics refrigerator right now (though this isn’t the worst idea). But you want to last for as long as possible when you spend hundreds of dollars for your skin care.