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Quick guide to remove shellac nail polish

Her fingers are one of the most important aspects of a lady’s everyday beauty treatment. You have to care about your fingers and fingernails so they can remain confident and beautiful. Nothing turns out more than the sight of hideous, unwelcome fingernails. Nagel paints are also the most popular way to preserve safe and good-looking fingernails. There are mild chemicals that keep nails from being chipped and kept in good health. Shellac nail polish is one of the recent fashion and beauty products which generate loads of excitement due to its design. What does Shellac contain that makes many women move from their standard nail care products? Read on the quick guide to remove shellac nail polish.

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Take your nail treatment with Shellac to a new level

Shellac nail polish is an invention by the famous company Innovative Nail Designs and a groundbreaking new product that provides numerous advantages over conventional nail paint. Shellac nails, a proprietary technology, give you the exclusive advantages of problem-free nails for up to two weeks! Apply every two weeks and forget about the different issues that others struggle to answer. Your nails don’t peel, the polish lasts longer and the shine doesn’t even blur. Some excited Shellac fans have posted on their blogs that it could last even more than 14 days if managed with some little care.

And what separates Shellac from standard nail care products? The key lies in this product’s proprietary formula. It is in reality a carefully researched gel-based polish mixture and ordinary nail polish. The polish gives its excellent properties. The way you apply it to your nails is not the same either. There are three layers to be added – the base layer, the color layer and the top layer. After the nail polish is applied, you have to hold your fingers under a single UV lamp for a while before each layer is set properly.