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Disadvantages of using eyelash curlers

Using an eyelid curler opens your eyes, making them appear lighter and give you a feeling of long eyelids. This is perfect for people with very short cloves or for people who grow downward with cloves.

Follow these quick steps to obtain the longest eye pinch for a perfect look. First of all, always ensure that you are clean and dry. You also need to know about the disadvantages of using eyelash curlers.

Choose and add your preferred eye shadow color

Apply and wait for your eyeliner to dry, do not yet apply your mascara. It’s a common mistake when curling your cloves; it can harm and weaken your cloves

The eye curlers’ mouth must be more or less close to the natural eye. Place it over your lacerations until your eyelashes almost hit the base. Make sure it doesn’t really damage the skin.

While holding your eye open, you start to close the eyelid’s mouth slowly and carefully. When pressing down, the lashes should extend uniformly over the top bar.

You should feel relaxed, if you feel skin twitching, take it off immediately and reposition yourself. Holding in place for 5 to 6 seconds now. If you need additional volume, just repeat the curling steps again.

long eyelids

If you both have completed the above measures, you can add mascara. Maybe you want to go for an eyelash comb on your eyelashes, it just gives you a more natural curled look.

For people who don’t want to curl their eyelashes every day there is an option. This is where eyelashes are placed around a hot roller and treated with solution, permitting Eyelash. They are then curled four months to two months.