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How do you get rid of yellow toenails?

Notice that yellow nails may not be fully uniform in color since only some parts of the nails are affected by streaks or discoloration spots.

While there is a relatively rare medical disorder known as “yellow nail syndrome,” it is most frequently the fungus that is at fault. When you believe that the toenail fungus works rapidly before the infection has a chance to spread to the entire nail and cuticle, making it much harder to handle.

But what are the most successful methods and ways of getting rid of yellow toenails before the infection spreads further?

Thick, yellow Toenails Care

In general, prescription drugs for treating yellow toenails should be avoided if they contain any toxins designed to kill the infection, but eventually have a detrimental effect on the rest of the body. These medications must also be taken from a few months to a year and can be very costly without considering dangerous liver or kidney damage.

Sadly, the vast majority of all-in-one medications and therapies to heal a yellow fungal toenail do not show any concrete results for most people who turn to home remedies and alternatives. According to some anecdotal, it may help to remove the fungus causing yellow toenails by soaking the feet in beer, vinegar, or by preparing essential oils of oregano or tea tree and lavender several times a day for a number of consecutive weeks.

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Your first defensive line to successfully treat a yellow nail keeps your feet safe, dry and out of places where they will be exposed to moisture for a long time. The use of sandals in public areas, such as pools or locker rooms, can help prevent contamination and coloration of the clothes by the fungus. Do not wear close fitting shoes and ensure that the nails are cleanly clipped and do not run the risk of infection.